All-in-one AI Solution

We train complex machine learning algorithms and support your departments with automated answer queries & process workflows. At the same time, we help your employees to work more efficiently.

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Overview of Features


Hybrid Agent+KI®

Our e-bot7 Agent+AI® system automates answers and complex processes. Incoming messages are analysed if necessary and forwarded to the right department. In addition, we provide your employees with AI-based response suggestions.

Automation and AI

CDE® Process Automation

Lead your customers through pre-defined workflows. Automate complex processes and simply link them with easy-to-use APIs.

Through this, more and more questions get automated and your agents can finally concentrate on the more complex tasks. Also, your customers will love the system since questions are processed quicker, smarter and more direct on their preferred channel.

process automation

AI Service Funnel®

Boost your self-service capabilities on your website to let your customers handle their questions automatically on their own without any interaction.

Service funnel


Retrieve real-time insights into the overall and individual performance based on your needs. You can analyse specific customer behaviour, create individual reports and based on the results, improve the customer journey even more.

Individual Routing

Our routing functionality balances the right amount of tasks to your team’s capacities based on availability and expertise. This will support your team to be redirected to the right customer at the right time and the right expertise.



The algorithm behind our solution is based on a technologically highly complex artificial neural network, also called “convolution neural network” and “long short term memory”. The network is based on multi-dimensional layers, which retrieve their outputs based on past processes and events. The combination of our mathematical vectorization of text blocks and the constant comparison with a dynamic artificial intelligence database, result in optimal results for your customer service.

Automate your customer service through AI!

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