Learn more about artificial intelligence and chatbots in customer service. Find out about the latest business trends, best practices and exciting insights.

Webinar: AI​​​​ for customer service

Join our expert webinar and learn how you can use AI and bots for your customer service. In only 20 minutes you will learn how to reduce costs with AI, set up a bot within minutes and provide 24/7 service without any coding.

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Platform Chatbot Overview
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AI bots – The ultimate guide

for businesses

Bots and Virtual Assistants – what is the difference and which one uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and thus brings real added value to companies? Become a bot expert with our guide.

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The ultimate guide to AI and Chatbots in Customer Service

Our e-book contains an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, explains the different chatbot models, the advantages of automation and how to easily integrate AI and chatbots into today’s customer service.

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The Disruptive Power of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Our Blog

Leadership Spotlight Series

In this leadership series, we reached out to several digital leaders to get exciting insights on digitisation of different industries.

We are curious about a company’s thoughts on digital business priorities and how these eventually differ between industries.

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real estate

Digitisation of Real Estate

chatbot blog

Chatbots for Customer Service

We show you how chatbots can make customer service in companies easier and more efficient at the same time. What is the origin of chatbots, what technologies are behind them, what are the differences and what can really do today?

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Increase your customer service efficiency

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