Automatically qualify leads 24/7 through AI

Boost your sales teams through bots and AI. Schedule meetings automatically and transfer your customers seamlessly into your preferred marketing or sales tools.

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Boost your revenues through lead bots & AI

Convert more leads through direct conversations. Create workflows and let your bot engage with your leads automatically. This will enable your sales team to have all the information they need to start qualified conversations with your future customers.

Your sales people will love their new AI co-worker.

Conversion through AI


Increase in conversion rates


Reduction in sales cycles


Higher customer satisfaction

Book meetings within seconds

Boost your sales efficiency and increase sign up and conversion rates. At the same time, create an exciting customer experience through AI workflows.

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scheduling automatic appointments

Create your individual Workflows with no coding required

Boost your sales efficiency and increase signup and conversion rates. At the same time, create an exciting customer experience.

Automatic lead cycle with AI

Advantages of boosting your sales team with lead bots

Higher lead conversion and signups

Always have the capacity to match your demand. Benefit from complete flexibility and stop worrying about peak times and seasonality.

Insights and personal meta data

Provide your sales team with valuable information prior to talking to potential customers. Drive a more personalised sales approach and achieve higher conversation rates.

24/7 online and everywhere

Meet all of your customers online – no matter when or from where they reach out to you!

Increased productivity

Drive growth 24/7/365 by utilising our sales automation software. Answer questions and convert leads without human assistance.

No waiting times

Be able to greet potential customer instantaneously. Enable potential clients to have a better online experience with your brand.

Personalised scale

Enable your team to have more personalised and more successful sales conversations. Increase the efficiency of your sales department by effectively pre-qualifying leads.

Implement lead bots and increase your revenues now!

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Automatically transfer leads to your desired platform

We seamlessly integrate into marketing & sales platforms to transfer your leads directly to your systems without any coding required. Our software captures and maps your outcomes and links them directly into HubSpot, Salesforce and many others.

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